Paintball field immersed in nature;
Come and spend a day of healthy colourful fun.

The property offers an area of 3000 square metres in the woods of Bracchio (just above Mergozzo), the scenery was created using only trunks to provide the perfect setting.
Open every day by reservation (minimum eight people) starting from € 20 per participant, choose the package, among the five available, more suitable for your needs, each of them include the protective kit (mask, neck protector, gloves and insurance cover, for the most aggressive we offer the possibility to rent the integral camouflage. If you still do not have enough, make the battle even more fun using our coloured grenades and smoke.
For special events do not hesitate to contact us to arrange your customised day.

+39 340.5821381 ITA - +39 348 8741809 ENG
Via Privata Molino 17
28010 Colazza