The Camping rises Of the Lake Of Orta, in one position always sunned all the year of forehead to the Middle ages village of Ronco. tos be distant to single 4Km from the splendid City of Omegna that offers all the services and to 4 Km From the fabulous Orta with its Iland of San Giulio.

Comfortably connected with Navigation Lago of Orta making of the escusioni with departure directly from the Camping is only a pleasure, beyond that a various way living one vacation. The private beach and service of Breckfast with bar and the restaurant, offered from the Camping render it suit in the requirements of who lodge to you. Moreover it is possible to carry out numerous sport activities between which the DIVING, the PARACUDE, TENNIS, school of NAUTICAL SKI, the comfortable communal swimming pool of Omegna, while for the winter season the tracks from SKI are to little minuteren of distance on the top of the Mottarone for the more demanding the tracks than Macugnaga they to be distant to 40 km.
Place silent, but at the same time alive with the folkloristiche manifestations that living in the camping in the summery months render living only one vacation to the lago Of orta. To all the campers with a pause beyond the 4 days It comes free of charge offered one tour in boat in the best places of the lago Of Orta. for information
The Camp provides the navigation service SHUTTLE, Day, Evening and Night for a special evening with friends.

Via san Giovanni Bosco, 5
28016 Loc. Bocciolo Legro Orta San Giulio
Via Valle Cannobina
28822 Cannobio (VB)
Via Pallanza, 22, Loc. La Quartina
28802 Mergozzo
Viale del Lido,5
28821 Cannero Riviera