The Cammareri and Bardelli Pharmacy offers a wide range of products from different categories: phytotherapy, dietetics, cosmetics, supplements, prosthesis and diabetic medicines, veterinary drugs and veterinary medicines. In order to offer a better service, you can procure a drug or a missing product within a few hours thanks to the many daily orders.

Cammareri and Bardelli Pharmacy sells over the counter medicines and prescription medicines.
The Pharmacy is run by Drs Amalia Cammareri and Greta Bardelli, who assist clients with specific information about drugs, cosmetics, beauty products, homeopathic products, phytotherapy and veterinary products.
There are also services such as:
-Blood self-analysis (cholesterol, glycaemia, glycated haemoglobin, triglycerides and INR)
-Blood pressure monitoring
-Body weight measuring
-Intolerance testing
-Sanitary items
- Therapeutic socks
-Products for children
-Cosmetic section with wide range of choice
-Homeopathic products
-Phytotherapy products
-Veterinary medicine
-Ear piercing
Days will be organised with expert consultants in cosmetics and nutrition.

+39 0323.496063