Hauoom WaterSchool: Wakeboard - Wakeskate - Wakesurf - Wakeski
3 boats:
Nautique 210
Mastercraft x10
Mastercraft pro star 190

Hauoom Water School was established from the passion of a group of young guys for water sports and especially for the Wakeboard and classical disciplines. The continued passion for these disciplines led this group of guys in recent years in search of stimuli to create a company that is not yet present on Lake Maggiore. A great help was also given by the new location, The Last Beach's new beach with inflatable park, container bar which offers entertainment from Tuesday to Sunday with live music and DJ set ( A 360° resort suitable for sports activities and nightlife, overlooking the fantastic Borromeo Gulf. The Hauoom Club is an FiSN affiliated club with Federal Masters and Engineers. The club also acts as a "Blue Area" chill out zone for national athletes, where amateurs have direct contact with professionals to savour the true essence of these disciplines. Thanks to the direct line with the Federal Recipe Centre every week we are able to organise camps in each of the disciplines. The ultimate goal of Hauoom Club is to spread and show off these disciplines with a series of events (music, multimedia productions and parties).
We can create your own custom event or party or take customers wherever there is a pier.

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