More than 100 km of GPS trails to meet the needs of any type of biker, from the family who want to ride along the banks of the river Toce to the sports person who wants to test himself/herself along challenging tracks. Stunning views, trails that have made the history of these lands, white roads that smoothly accompany the flow of the Toce River. A paradise for outdoor sports.

The Cadorna line is a complex of roads and fortifications dating to the First World War that connect the lakes territory. They are located in strategic locations that allow you to enjoy a unique panorama overlooking the surrounding area. Buildings made for war have become paths of peace. Take the Toce River back to the village of Ornavasso, a village of Walser tradition. Bara Fort is a VCM Mtb classic, a steady climb with numerous curves, sliding sections alternate with technical sections that will test the biker's technical skills. At the top a manoeuvring area will allow us to recuperate and admire the view. The sweet and wide descent will take us back to the town of Ornavasso and returning in our footsteps we come to the base of the second climb. Long and surprising sliding sections, these adjectives best describe the ascent towards Montorfano, the first part in the woods where buildings dating back to World War I pop up gives way to the almost infinite landscape of the area called the Powder and Hospitals, from here it still rises for a few minutes along a single track that will be the joy of more technical bikers and the summit is reached. The downhill along the same road as the uphill will be exciting but to be done with care. A detour will take us to Mergozzo, towards the blue path, a balcony overhanging the lake. From there the Montorfano goes up to the asphalt road, then the choice can be to visit the small village or go down and head towards the starting point. LENGTH: 35 KM DIFFERENCE IN LEVEL: 740 m ALTITUDE MAX: 609 TIME: 2h-3h30'

ALPE OMPIO, the true mountain very close to home
Located at 920 metres above sea level, the Alpe Ompio is one of the gateways to the Val Grande National Park. A long, steep climb leads you to this wonderful location. A privileged point of view for those who want to enjoy the views of this land that is rich in surprises. One hour of pedalling takes you from the lake to the mountain wrapped in a natural setting that changes with the altitude. The descent is immersed in the woods, you head towards the Vercio Alps, a cluster of huts that is worth a visit and descends along a mule track towards Bracchio. The descent is technical and challenging, it is necessary to have mastery of the bike and good technique to get the better of steps, pebbles and roots that you meet along the way. When you reach Bracchio you will go down to Mergozzo and ride along the lake back to Fondotoce, surely enriched by this experience. LENGTH: 22 KM ALTITUDE MAX: 1025 TIME 2h30'-4h

SLOW BIKE EXPERIENCE a ride along the Toce
Riding along the river along a comfortable bicycle trail is a great experience for many, an ideal outing for a family that decides to spend a day out in the open, discovering charming corners. The most demanding biker can use these roads to look for speed and warm up the engine for the uphill climbs in the area. The departure is at the bottom of Toce and the arrival at Ornavasso, where equipped picnic areas allow a stop to recuperate. DIFFICULTY: easy LENGTH: 33 MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 225

FAMILY FRENDLY the family on two wheels
The Fondotoce plain is well suited to a simple ride with the family, a safe area where the little ones can also enjoy themselves in total safety, white roads and paths along the woods will make your days unique and unforgettable. The possibility of a dip in the lake and a pleasant packed lunch can add charm to this simple excursion DIFFICULTY: simple LENGTH: about 2.8 km