Thematic Museum of Daily Life and Traditions of the Walser People

"Alts Walserhüüs Van Zer Burfuggu" is the name of the association set up in 1982 by some residents of Macugnaga who, in order to avoid the loss of a historical heritage of such importance, voluntarily worked on the renovation of a house to serve as its Museum. The building dates back to the seventeenth century, dating to 1610 and was purchased, as it is stated in a historical document, "by the men of the Borca District on July 6, 1701 for 500 lire imperial for the chaplain of the oratory Of the Madonna of the Snow ", which is the church of Borca.
Over the centuries, the house has not undergone structural changes but only small conservative restorations make it perhaps one of the best examples of the typical Walser home, in rock and wood of the territory. Initially, the house had little furnishings but when the resident of Macugnaga knew of the initiative, they donated furniture and objects to recreate the environments of everyday life of the past to enhance the museum. It is a thematic museum that presents on its premises the different themes of Walser's life with a collection of about 650 objects and finds of material life, dating back from the 14th to the 20th century.

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