A Farmers' market from the producer to the consumer.

The Agricultural Market of Italian Exellence
The Farmers' cooperative "Allafonte" was born in 2011, when a group of local farmers - today the members of the cooperative are 42 - decided to manage personally the sales of their production, distancing themselves from wholesalers and supermarkets. Their purpose was to offer high quality products of granted origin, addressing to a kind of client interested in healthy and well eating.
In the Shop of the cooperative, located in Prato Sesia (NO) e Fondotoce (VB), each one of about 1200 square meters, it's possible to choose between a wide range of products with a common interest resumed in three words: freshness,seasonality and traceability. Our departments are butchery (bovine, pork and chicken), salami, cheese, fruits and vegetables, wines from the region, pasta, rice, flours, oil, jams, compotes, pickles, ravioli, bread and typical sweets, artisanal beers and lot of other specialities.
Our Reality is a rarity in this part of the northern Italy; It's kind of agricultural market, where farmers can get a right economic reward to be invested in higher quality.
At "Allafonte" you can find the unique taste of italian tradition, to rediscoverthe taste of the food of everyday.
A farmers'market from the producer to the consumer!

Via IV Novembre 35/37
28887 Omegna
Viale Rimembranze, 5
28921 Verbania loc. Pallanza (VB)
Via Marconi, 42/44
28883 Gravellona Toce (VB) Roma, 166
28883 Gravellona Toce (VB)