Facing the splendid panorama of Lake Maggiore, around the verdant Intrasca Valley, within the feeling of flight and the unique feeling of feeling like a falcon nose-diving.

There are almost 2 km separating Pian d'Arla (1,307m) from Alpe Segletta (960m), 1850m in just over a minute and a half, flying over 120km / h, securely hooked to a cable.
This is the Lake Maggiore Zip line in its essence, a thrill running on a wire and giving the feeling of the flight.
The Zip line is a steel cable suspended between two points with different heights to which you hook yourself for a fast descent that gives the feeling of free flight.
Unlike the hang glider, paragliding and other unmanned flying systems, Zip line is all within reach, does not require equipment, special skills or preparation.

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