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Lake Maggiore Islands Navigation | hospitality & activities


The non-scheduled public transport service offers an exclusive tourist link service for the Borromee Islands and all the sights overlooking the shores of Lake Maggiore, established to meet the needs of those who love to travel freely, it makes available various boats to meet the needs of individuals and groups.

The organisation is able to manage tourist navigation for both individuals and groups. The main advantages that derive from it are the absence of time constraints and boring queues, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Lake Maggiore. The purpose of this tourist navigation service is to satisfy all customer needs. 

The transfer service offers the opportunity to reach all the locations of Lake Maggiore at the time you wish, without any time constraints and avoiding unnecessary queues. The timetables remain at your sole discretion to ensure maximum timetable flexibility and comfort during your navigation.

24 hour taxi service for any need.

+39 348.5138441